Domestic market for fixed telephony is in a continuous change. Classic fixed telephony services are migrating more and more towards voice over IP services . To be able to provide a complete package of telecommunications services, Viva Telecom has developed a platform for fixed telephony interconnected with all local phone operators.

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Managed Telephony Service is a service which takes the cares of administering of the internal telephone network from the Beneficiary including the type of provider that provides access to public service. Provider management (providers of telephony) is recommended to minimize access costs and to identify the best routes for external calls. In addition to these services, Managed service also referes to maintenance of physical network and network equipment.


Digital Phone Lines | Digital phone lines occurred at the market requirement for higher capacities of voice communications. Digital lines also allow, in addition to transport more simultaneous calls, a much easier management, which allow monitoring calls and their costs. Using these types of phone lines allows making a 30 telephone calls and/or type of data calls, at the same time, at a speed between 64 kbps to 2048 kbps for circuits (PRA – ISDN 30), or two telephone calls and/or calls type of data transmission, at the same time, at a speed of 64 kbps to 128 kbps (BRA – ISDN 2). Details

Analog Telephone Lines | Analog phone lines are addressed to small and medium-sized organizations who want simultaneous use of up to eight analog lines, being a cost-effective method from the point of view of costs and to obtain a similar quality range to digital lines.  Details

Voice Over Ip (Voip) Private Network | Interconnection of a customer series through a “star” or “fullmesh” VoIP network lead to the creation of a private network of telephony, using both infrastructure and capacities of data transfer. Details

CSC | Viva Telecom offers its customers Carrier Selection Code(CSC), which can make phone calls from your landline appliances in Romtelecom/ Telekom to international mobile networks to substantially reduced tariffs compared with those of Romtelecom/ Telekom network. Details

Rates | VIVA Telecom A-Z Rates in XLS Details