Viva Host Service implies communication servers hosting, of applications necessary for the conduct of a business activity in a neutral data center. By opting for Viva Host service, either by physical hosting of the equipment (servers) or critical applications, either by virtual hosting solutions – you benefit from safety, stability and continuity of services.


Equipment Hosting Services | Data Center Hosting, also known as the collocation service, provides customer with a controlled environment from the point of view of temperature, humidity, as well as access to important telecommunications nodes, and a redundant and protected power supply network . Details

Application Hosting | Viva Telecom offers the Application Hosting service, to customers who desire to have a hosting professional solution for webmail applications, ERP, but who do not wish to invest in devices or connections that gives them a high degree of reliability.  Details

Virtual Server Rental Services | Viva Telecom has launched its own Virtual Server Hosting Service to provide its customers the possibility to use professional servers configured in order to share resources among multiple users. Details