“Franchising is a trading system based on an ongoing collaboration between private or commercial entities, financially independent , by which a person, the franchisor, grants another person, named beneficiary, the right to exploit or develop a business, product, technology or service. “(Ordinance No. 52 of 28 August 1997 on the legal regime of the franchise in Romania)” 

The development of VIVA Telecom includes the franchising system in addition to growth generated by own sales and procurement of IT solutions integrators.


The benefit package offered within this collaboration includes:

a. Access to VIVA Telecom distribution infrastructure: access to Viva Telecom’s national and international network ; prioritized technical support; access to numbering resources.

The major advantage is the fact that the provision can be done anywhere VIVA Telecom Romania due to the existence of a transport infrastructure data coverage nationally and internationally.

a. Viva Telecom services: access to VIVA Telecom’s strategic commercial offer and receiving personalized offers support for configuration.

b. Know – how:the partner benefits from both training by VIVA Telecom in product knowledge but also training on sales techniques, telecom market and technical training for mid-level staff.

c. Logistics Operating Partner will provide marketing and promotional materials; standard working procedures; specific documentation; access to CRM and ERP applications for customer management.  


Through a partnership franchise, the beneficiary undertakes to meet the standards imposed by Viva Telecom in the marketing and selling of franchised services.Prerequisites for accessing a VIVA Telecom franchise: a. Be a Company interested in having business in the IT & C for at least 3 years; b. having specialized technical personnel with internationally recognized certifications; c. the main market of the company has to be in one of the following counties: Constanta, Galati, Bacau, Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Sibiu, Craiova, Mures. Documentation needed: to find out what the application file must contain VIVA Telecom franchise, please send us a message by e-mail.